Mine is a graduate of English Labor Economics Industry Relations, an advertising brand expert. She has a master degree in brand management. She is an amateur archaeologist, and a professional sailor. Her areas of expertise are retail, agriculture, cultural heritage and gastronomy tourism, Göbeklitepe, bread.

Ataman has been representing a leading bakery brand in the supermarket sector for 12 years; later she founded the Mine Ataman Bread brand three years ago. She conducts consultancy services in bakery products and food and beverage sector with his own programs, and also continues his career as a speaker. She teaches Recreation Management at Başkent University. 

Her articles on travel, gastronomy, ahilik, sufism are published in national and regional periodicals. She writes articles on gastronomy, bread and food culture in the magazine of the Ministry of Agriculture, Kitchen Magazine, Food Vision, TMO magazine, Muğla Vision and Trilye. Headlines are among the authors of Turkey. The book "The First Table in Heaven - Wise Woman in Heaven" is the first in the world and has combined the story of personal development, ahi culture and wheat bread. The first project of wheat in Turkey Supper in heaven, while contributing to the formation of the respective tourism destinations with Göbeklitepe, was a pioneer in this field. Natural TVs that are published in '' BREAD '' television program is Turkey's first and only bread program. Ataman also carries out the Anatolian Maya project. The project develops projects in order to bring the Ahilik culture back on the agenda and apply it. She is also a member of the Board of Industrial Bakers Association, a member of Agricultural Journalists Association, Agricultural and Food Ethics associations.

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