Dietitian, PhD, MB-EAT

Upon her graduation from the department of Nutrition and Dietetics in the Faculty of Health Sciences in Başkent University in 2010, she started working on mindfulness with her deep interest in psychology and psychiatry. After that, she completed her thesis at Yıldız Technical University’s MBA program on the subject, ‘Neuromarketing: Marketing with Neuroscience’ in 2013, stating the importance of psychological factors on food choices. Dr. Gizem Köse started her 'Healthy and Permanent Weight Loss' program in 2014 by combining her studies with those of psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Aslıhan Dönmez. Then she expanded her studies on mindfulness and translated the term 'Mindful Eating' into Turkish to create a Turkish definition of 'Mindful Eating' in a scientific journal that published in 2016. She also adapted the Mindful Eating Questionnare into Turkish and brought a measurement tool to the scientific world within the field.

She worked with Obesity and Eating Disorders at NPIstanbul Brain Hospital for a long time. During the same period, she worked as a faculty member in two departments, where she served as head of department at Uskudar University. Then, she completed her doctoral study in the Nutrition and Dietetics Doctorate program in Başkent University Institute of Health Sciences with her thesis titled, 'A Study on Mindful Eating Status of University Students’ and by becoming a doctor, she specialized in obesity and eating disorders. She visited eating disorders clinics in Manhattan and Hamptons, broadened her experience. She continues to accept clients in Prof. Dr. Aslıhan Dönmez's clinic with mindful eating treatment plans including both 'Healthy and Permanent Weight Loss' and 'Eating Disorders' (as individual and group treatment plans) and continues her academic journey at Istanbul Kent University’s Faculty of Health Sciences. In addition to her individual seminars, she organizes trainings and educational events for students, dietitians and the public. In addition to having many studies published in scientific journals, she expanded mindfulness-related practices with Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training in Boston, USA. She continues her academic studies, education and trainings in Turkey, and all over the world online.

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